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Andrew Krystal


Following studies at the university of Toronto in both international relations and English, Andrew Krystal performed dual roles in both talk radio and marketing.

As an award winning broadcast editorialist on Talk radio he’s appeared on both local and regional broadcasts in both Toronto (AM 640, Newstalk 1010, The Fan590) and New York (WABC) ‎and regionally on the East Coast for Rogers talk stations where he led the first commercial talk FM network in Canada).  Previously, Andrew has appeared on CNN’s Travel Guide and on travel TV programs across the US and Canada.

Most recently, Andrew held the coveted City Hall reporter role for City News during the Rob Ford years.

His marketing work allowed him to lead Tourism Ontario strategy as well as nationally integrated media launches for packaged goods clients and national promotions ‎for Burger King Canada and Labatt breweries of Canada.

He prides himself in increasing market share and client ROI with a no-nonsense, integrated approach to promotions, advertising, brand building and PR.

KNI, (Krystal Nation Inc.) also conducts consumer and political polling and works discreetly for clients on issues involving elections and government relations outreach.


Igor Komolov


If Igor’s not venting his creativity bringing to life the inanimate objects of our world, then you can find him deliberating with a variety of business owners, technology experts and fellow animators.

Igor received his Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation at Sheridan Institute of Technology where he further developed his skills as an animation artist. Igor has since satisfied his passion for technology by launching several online platforms and businesses as well as implementing cutting edge frameworks including https://www.forexlens.com

Igor has used his knowledge of programming, graphic and web design to enrich a number of business’ online image and reputation. Igor has over fifteen years of experience in animation, design and programming which has enhanced his ability to successfully improve business’ online media and marketing solutions. Having been personally requested, Igor has consulted many business owners and corporate executives with proven success.

Igor is known for his positive energy and infectious personality, and when it comes to the art of animation, programming and strategy – he is a creative genius whose expertise is unmatched.


Dr. Tom Tavares

Senior Consultant

While completing a B.A. in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and M.A. and PhD at York University in Toronto, Dr. Tavares discovered a basic flaw in organizations. Tom developed his model consulting internally with Shell and Petro Canada during a decade of major changes.  Since 1980, he has coached executives and consulted in banking, technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, and packaged goods as well as the public sector. Tom also advises the Niagara Institute, the leadership division of The Conference Board of Canada, on quality.  In 2009, CARSWELL, Thomson Reuters, published his first book, The Mind Field: What’s Missing in Running Our Organizations, which explains how to close the gap between the rate of change and speed of organizations, both in industry and in government.  After the Globe and Mail published his article, The Elephant in the Oval Office, addressing of the growing risk of a systemic breakdown, Tom wrote Breakthrough: What Occupy Wall Street Really Meant.  It sheds new light on the global spike in political and economic crises since the 2003 Iraqi War and 2008 banking meltdown and what it will take to prevent future disasters.